Statue of St. Barbory

Zverejnené 17. 08. 2020

The creative team in the GloriaDEI studio, together with several top experts, made a bronze statue of St. Barbora, which was unveiled at the cemetery site on October 31, 2010.

Zavarčan PaedDr. Peter Čambál st. undertook to model a completely new, original author’s sculpture from sculptural clay — a sculpture of St. Barbory. It differs from the original one, which was stolen, in size – if it stood next to the Baroque predecessor, it would be exactly sixty centimeters higher, indeed younger – not only by the date of creation of the statue, but mainly by the age of the virgin it represents. And above all, the almost living contact of a beautiful deva with everyone who comes to her and begs the heavenly patron for praying for the souls of the dying. During the creation, the artist meditated daily on individual facts from the saint’s biography in order to express her character and charisms as concisely as possible. In addition to physical beauty, he sought to portray the spiritual beauty of a young woman who showed deep respect for the Holy Trinity by martyrdom strengthened by the Holy Eucharist – thus becoming an orator for the dying – and all the time creating a statue that can be believed to represent such a holy virgin and .

From the completed clay model, Mgr. art. Peter Sojka so that academic sculptor Ladislav Sabo could cast it in bronze. In the meantime, together with the master stonemasons Marián Prívozník and Miloš Nývlt, we prepared the realization of a pedestal, the form of which was made by Ing. Ivan Bílik and his collaborators in the company TT Tvar, so that master stonemasons can make a pedestal in the stone sculpture of master Vincent Vadovský. After consultations with p. We had Ľuboš Vidlička make a glass shining guest for the glass master Martinák. It is mounted in a cup, which is galvanically gilded in the company Kovex.

The pedestal of the sculpture according to its author, Mgr. art. Petr Čambál Jr., represents the blow of the Holy Spirit, and the whole Holy Trinity, the spiritual tower on which and in which the holiness of St. Barobory. This dynamic structure composed of three arches, which at the top, at the level of three meters above the ground, unite into one shape, and do not end bounded by the possibilities of stone mass, but imaginarily continue in the figure of St. Barbara, who kneeling, elevates to honor the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar – the material in which he remains with his faithful Savior of the world. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who revealed to us the Father and sent the Holy Spirit, receives the souls who return to him through the death he has overcome, and gives them justified back to Heavenly Father, the Creator.

From the life of St. Barbory ​​

Saint Barbara was a young girl from a noble but pagan family. She was born around 273 in Nicosia in present-day Turkey. Because she did not want to submit to her father and marry, her father, the tyrant Dioskur, locked her in a tower, which he had built for this purpose. Here in solitude, she began to study and here she secretly received baptism. During her father’s absence, she had another window demolished into the tower, so instead of two windows, there were three on the tower, which was supposed to symbolize the Holy Trinity for her. Dioskur became enraged and handed her over to the civil tribunal. She was tortured in a horrible way, and eventually her own father cut her with a sword. Sources state that it happened on December 4, 290. Other sources speak of the year 306. However, God very quickly punished its persecutors. Legend has it that while the angels carried her soul to heaven, lightning struck Dioscurus and brought him to God’s judgment.