Welcome to the village of Zavar

Welcome to the village of Zavar

Welcome to the village of Zavar

News from Zavar

Official board
Published 17. 08. 2020


The pharmacy in Zavare notifies citizens that it will be closed on Monday 17.08.2020 due to holid...
Published 03. 08. 2020

Collection yard

Operating time from March 1, 2020 Winter season 1.11. - 31.3. We: 15:00 –17: 00

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Zavar Municipal Office
Viktorínova 312/14, 919 26 Zavar

About the village of Zavar


The first written mention of the village Zavar comes from 1255 (de Zovvor). The document of the palatine and Bratislava county Rolandus and Bishop Vincent of Nitra writes about the land of Čandal and mentions the name of Dionýz de Zovvori. It was during the reign of the Hungarian king Bela IV, who in 1238 granted Trnava the privileges of a free royal city.

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